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6 poses for unforgettable orgasms when a man is behind

6 poses for unforgettable orgasms when a man is behind

Men love all sex poses when they are in the back.

There are several important reasons:

  • Deep penetration for a more sparkling orgasm for both;
  • The girl’s rear view for men is sometimes more attractive and exciting. But most men love to look at a partner during sex;
  • In the poses, when the man is behind, he can caress her nipples, clitoris, buttocks, hips and this does not distract him from the main process;
  • When a man from behind is ideal for unexpected sex. When passion covers suddenly so you don’t always have time to take off your clothes;
  • The man feels complete power over the woman and the process.


A pose in sex when a man is behind is usually called a doggy style. But in fact, there are a lot of variations on how to diversify this position.

For this option you will need a very strong partner. Physically strong. Because the woman’s body should be almost completely weighed.

She rests only on her elbows. At the same time, the buttocks are tightly pressed to the man. He holds his partner by the ankles.

Hug him by leg

The girl stands with her back to her partner on one leg. And the second she hugs him in the hips. At the same time, the man stands directly on both legs, only the second is slightly bent.

This pose provides not only deep penetration, but also a simulation of the clitoris. And in the doggy style pose, simultaneous penetration with stimulation does not happen. If you do not use, hands, of course.

On the knees

Both kneel. The girl should press her back to the man and hug him by the neck with her hand. This pose is perhaps the most tender and sensual. A partner can caress her chest and whisper something very pleasant in her ear.


The girl leans in, bending her knees and leaning on the floor.

Behind her, on the edge of the couch, a man sits and holds his partner by the hips. Great posture for couples who like to control the process together.

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