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Polyamory and what is wrong with it

Spoiler: everything is ok, but not everyone knows how to use it.

If you go along the top, polyamory is a love relationship with several people at once. It sounds simple and attractive. And people begin to practice without delving into theory. Do you know this situation? “I am a polyamor, only my wife does not know.” You can’t do this. And you cannot call simple treason polyamory.

First of all, polyamory is a system of ethical views that recognizes a person’s ability to consist in several love affairs at once, with the consent and approval of all participants in such relationships.

Everything is based on the ethics of non-monogamous relations. All partners know about each other. Often even form groups and live together. There is no place for deception and omissions. People who practice healthy polyamorous relationships are capable of a very high level of communication and empathy for each other.

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This approach requires great emotional resources and skilled social abilities. And also, the invaluable ability to speak in words through the mouth 🙂

It’s like monogamy, only a few levels more difficult

As the polyamores themselves say: “It’s like monogamy, only a few levels more difficult.” Therefore, to be a good polyamor, you must first become a confident user of simple partnerships.

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