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Sexy Glow Body Illuminator Cream


Sexy Glow is a body illuminator that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a sensual and sweet touch.

This cream has a smooth consistency and contains golden microspheres that provide instant luminosity and a light tan. Additionally, the product can correct skin imperfections such as spots and stretch marks, leaving it smooth and with a more even tone. It also adds a warm vanilla scent.

To apply, massage the area well with the product using circular motions until you achieve an even color and wait for it to dry.

It comes in an elegant, convenient, and practical 60ml container with a dispenser.

  • Body illuminator.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • With a sensual touch and vanilla scent.
  • Smooth consistency.
  • Contains golden highlights.
  • Provides shine and a tanned effect.
  • Leaves skin with a more even tone.
  • Elegant, convenient, and practical packaging.
  • Includes dispenser.
  • Contains 60ml of product.


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